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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Today started off quite well. Except that Jack inexplicably woke me up at 8am to ask if I wanted a cup of tea, which was nice, except that I was fast asleep and therefore quite obviously not in need of a hot beverage of any kind. I said yes anyway. Then, since I was up, I decided to go for a run, which was very good of me.

When I came back the cat was in the garden, and he had that bulgy-cheeked look that immediately told me he had some kind of creature stuffed into his mouth. When he saw me he spat out a poor little baby mouse onto the lawn... It was still alive and trembling. You know how quite a lot of people scream and jump on top of the nearest piece of furniture when they see mice? I think those people are weird. Seriously, I love mice. They're adorable.

So I put the cat under house arrest and then attended to the little mouse. It didn't look seriously injured but it was in shock and lying on its side shaking. I put her (I decided it was a girl) in a plastic box with some leaves and moss, crumbled up bread and a bottle cap full of water and she's been there ever since. At first she just lay there but now she's up on all fours nibbling at the bread and washing herself in the water...nawwwwwwww. I want to keep her forever and ever but I suppose it's best to let her back into the wild eventually so that she can get chewed up by another cat. I might take some photos before I do so. Last time I checked she had burrowed under the moss and was having a little nap. How can anyone think mice are disgusting?

Actually, as well as loving mice, I really like snakes. I'd like to own a snake but then I'd have to feed it dead mice which would be a bit of a contradiction. Mice and snakes and bats... It's a good thing I'm not living in the seventeenth-century or someone would probably have accused me of being a witch by now.

When I came back inside after rehabilitating the mouse, I found that the cat had kindly left half of its brother or sister on the dining room carpet. The top half. I've yet to find the legs but I'll keep you posted on that one.

Oh, and that I went upstairs and the cat had also thrown up all over the landing carpet. The cat is not in my good books. He's currently shut in the living room so that he doesn't continue to traipse around the house depositing vomit and bits of dead critters in random locations at will.

And that is how today went from being a Good Day to a Not Very Good Day. However, I have saved a little mousey life so am feeling like quite a saint at the moment. I think I'll reward myself with another cup of tea. And a biscuit.

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