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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Addicted to Romcoms...

I'm terrible. I'd decided that once I finished Storm Awakened, I would stop messing about on FictionPress and focus all my attention on The Novel.

But I can't stop.

People liked The Healing Properties of Tea. They said it was sweet, that it brightened their days. It made me want to write more stupid fluffy romcoms. They're fun to write and I don't have to think about them. So now I am working on two more: another one about a crazy university society called Assassin's Guild, and one about a time travelling seventeenth century poet. I don't know where I get all these stupid ideas from, but once I'm in their grip I just can't escape.

On top of that, Storm Awakened was such a looming presence in my life for about two years that I can't let go of it. So I'm writing the spin-off about Anja. This means I'm currently writing four stories, and I'm probably never going to finish any of them, because I get bored about ten chapters in. You should see how many abandoned stories are gathering dust on my computer. One day I'd like to go on a writing spree and finish them all, no matter how bad they are, for completeness' sake. Maybe in the summer.

Anyway, that's my little update on my writing progress. It's reading week and I should be doing some work right now, which explains why I'm doing this.